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Arlene Grzesiak
Living Waters of the Holy Spirit Ministries
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Arlene Grzesiak is the founder of Living Waters of the Holy Spirit Ministries, a ministry focused on prayer, praise, worship, and training on all of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Arlene was born in Chicago. Though much of her life was not easy, Arlene is able to see that Godís hand was at work even before she came to a relationship with him. She endured an abusive childhood and marriage of 12 years, raised two children as a single mother, and she sustained physical and emotional injuries in a severe car accident. All of these circumstances served only to highlight the glory of God.

In spring of 1986, Arlene accepted Christ Jesus as her personal Savior and was born again. Immediately God began to bring healing to Arleneís life allowing her to give her anger and resentment over to Christ as she forgave those who had hurt her in the past. Soon after, God touched Arlene with physical healing. This was only one of many times that Arlene would experience Godís great compassion and grace.

As Arlene grew in the Lord, she felt a calling to ministry. In 1995, she founded Living Waters of the Holy Spirit Ministries. In 2000 she was ordained by International Fellowship of Ministries. Since then Arlene has worked with many churches and organizations in the work God has given her. She has been responsible for organizing conferences encouraging unity in the body of Christ, and has seen other ministries birthed from these efforts. Arlene is currently counseling women by the Holy Spiritís guiding and the use of her training. She is very active in intercessory prayer. For over 15 years, Arlene has been engaged in prayer walks and spiritual warfare to claim and stake this region for the Lord. It is Arleneís desire to see unity for all of Godís children.

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